Maternal Physical Care  

Healing Spot (myofascial release and pelvic floor PT) – Justine Calderwood, Certified Birth  Healing Specialist Physical Therapist  

 We help women have healthy, active pregnancies, smoother deliveries, and a complete recovery  postpartum to get back to the active lifestyle they enjoy, free of pain and limitation. We listen to our  clients’ worries, answer their questions with honesty and in terms they can understand, solve problems, and  are available for support and guidance long after the appointment has ended.  

 719-270-1123  

 Located inside Enso Prenatal: 2501 W. Colorado Ave #3b, Colorado Springs, CO 80904    

 In Colorado you do NOT need a prescription or a referral from your physician to be seen by a physical  therapist. We’d even be happy to check on your insurance benefits to help you make a more informed  decision regarding your care. There is no financial obligation whatsoever in talking to us.  

Lymphatic Wellness Center – Nancy Dorscht, Certified Manual Lymphatic Therapist   Services offered can help mother with breast drainage and overall breast health.  

 719-648-4678  

 2257 Havenridge Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920  


 Cost is $60 per 30-minute session  

UCHealth Physical Therapy and Rehab Clinic 

 At UCHealth, expert physical therapists (PTs) partner with you to design a treatment program fitted to your  health needs, your personality, and your abilities. We’re committed to helping you live fully and well.   Doctor’s referral required  

 Grandview  

o 719-365-3740 – 5818 N. Nevada Ave, Suite 225, Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

 Scarborough  

o 719-365-5742 – 8540 Scarborough Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920  

 Woodmen  

o 719-365-2821 – 4150 E. Woodmen Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80920  

 Rockrimmon  

o 719-365-6871 – 415 W. Rockrimmon Blvd, Suite 300, Colorado Springs, CO 80919   Powers  

o 719-365-5842 – 2999 New Center Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80922  

 Memorial Hospital Central  

o 719-365-2777 – 1400 E. Boulder St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909  

 Printers Park  

o 719-365-5642 – 175 S. Union Blvd, Suite 245, Colorado Springs, CO 80910  

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