Maternal & Infant Chiropractic Care

To improve breastfeeding outcomes, we recommend that both mamma and baby be checked for spinal
misalignments. Adjustments to the mid back often help women with their milk letdown because the nerves from the
spine go into the breast. When we remove nervous system interference, our bodies function better. Subtle
misalignments caused by birth trauma can cause discomfort to the infant when nursing. In newborns it is not
uncommon that small misalignments of the upper cervical spine can restrict range of motion causing painful latching
or fussiness at the breast. These spinal shifts cause biomechanical changes and neurological stress on the
baby. Imbalance in the infant’s system can be gently and safely corrected through gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Babies & Bellies Family Chiropractic – Dr. Ashley Vrcic
 Dr. Ashley has almost 200 hours of additional training in pediatric & prenatal care through the International
Chiropractic Pediatric Association.
 719-203-9418
 3650 Rebecca Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80917

 She does not process insurances at this time, but a superbill is available for possible reimbursement. Pre-
payment options and family plans available to decrease rates. Initially infant visit is $125. Follow up visit is

$75. Postpartum in-home visit for both mom and baby right after birth is $200.

Active Chiropractic Wellness Center – Dr. Candice Koch BS, DC, FIAMA
 Comprehensive Chiropractic Care for Expecting Mothers, Children, and Postnatal Care
 (719) 636-3080 office (719) 465-8522 texting line
 2790 N. Academy Blvd. Suite 110, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Simply Chiropractic – Dr. Chuck Turkowski
 720-400-6337
 4740 Flintridge Dr #216, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
 Fees are $20 for an infant visit. Does not accept insurances.

WOW Family Chiropractic
 WoW is a full family practice clinic, where our passion is to promote health and wellness throughout the
lifespan. We treat patients in all stages of life, and enjoy being an integral part of our patients’ health care
team. Chiropractic care is able to address so many more issues than most people have ever considered.
 719-627-4969
 7150 Campus Drive #230, Colorado Springs 80920

True North Chiropractic – Drs. Joshua and Taylor Logan
 Dr. Josh and Dr. Taylor are passionate about helping individuals and families discover their True North.
Through neurologically-based chiropractic, they are no longer defined by health barriers but able to thrive
and live out their true purpose in life.
 719-301-5781
 13860 Gleneagle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
 We are a cash-based practice and currently are only in network with Medicare. Initial visit for newborns
(which includes their first initial examination and first treatment) is $80.

Walford Chiropractic
 Dr. Walford has been in practice for over 30 years and has spent an incredible amount of time going to
seminars and continuing education classes to further his knowledge of his profession and to stay on the
cutting edge of what is going on in the Chiropractic world. His experienced hands can delicately adjust day
old babies or aggressively adjust strong professional athletes.
 719-632-4225
 1410 S 21st St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
 ??
Etio Chiropractic
 Our mission is to remove interference from the body – allowing the expression of the perfection within.
 719-627-3846
 3586 Hartsel Dr. Ste E, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
 ??
Spine and Sport Center – Dr. Christin Hinzman, DC, BSC
 Dr. Christin attended an extra 200 hours over 14 months for training in pediatrics and pregnancy through
the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She is also Craniosacral Certified through the
Upledger Institute.
 719-596-8700
 5962 Stetson Hills Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80925

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