CranioSacral Therapists  

Craniosacral therapy involves gentle movement focused on calming the nervous system as a gateway to unwinding  deeper patterns. Newborn craniosacral therapy can effectively address issues related to birth, breastfeeding and tongue  ties. 

The Center for Well Being – Avadhan and Dick Larson  

 Using light, focused touch we access the deep structures of the body via gentle contact with the connective  tissues, which surround and connect all of your muscles and bones and all the different parts of your nervous  system. We are able in this way to precisely locate and relieve the areas of restriction that are causing your  pain, dysfunction and limitation.  

 719-937-7722  

 Colorado Springs, CO 80918 – Please call for directions  


 Fees average $85-95 for the first visit. Does not accept insurances.  

Emily Elizabeth Martin, BCST, LMT  

 I am honored to offer Craniosacral and Massage Therapy to all ages with specific experience in Prenatal  Massage and Craniosacral for newborns and children. Targeting the forces of birth from these perspectives  can have a huge impact for mother/baby dyads and their families in addressing intrauterine lie issues,  newborn feeding difficulties and emotional upheaval, past and present. 

 719-460-1557  

 635 Southpointe Ct. Suite 145, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 


 Fee is $60 for a one-hour session. Newborn package of 4 is $200. Does not accept insurances.  

Kellie Beil Kautz, OT 

 719-205-5006  

 2607 Zephyr Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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