Myofunctional Therapists  

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) is similar to physical therapy in that it is a technique used to correct  myofunctional impairment that is leading to improper function of the mouth, tongue, muscles and airway. There are  many different types of myofunctional impairment so the therapy process is different for everyone. OMT uses a series  of exercises and stretches but also evaluates and manages the impact of certain anatomical inefficiencies. Since  everyone is different, the amount of time it takes to get results varies. The goals of OMT are to correct habits that  have led to developmental and functional disorders. This includes tongue posture (tongue tie and/or tongue thrust),  mouth breathing, poor airway function (snoring, sleep apnea symptoms), thumb or finger sucking along with other  toxic oral habits (nail biting, pacifier use, etc), grinding (bruxism), improper chewing and swallowing, and orthodontic  concerns (before, during and after orthodontic treatment).  

Sprouts Speech Therapy (orofacial myofunctional therapy) – Rikki DeGrove, MA, CCC-SLP 

Sprout Therapy Services serves kids in Colorado Springs, CO with speech, language, articulation, fluency  and social skills. Rikki is one of only a few therapists in Colorado with specialized training in Orofacial  Myofunctional Therapy. 

 719-999-8417 – 1935 Dominion Way, Ste 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

 Only in network for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tricare. Call for current private pay rates. 

Sandra R. Coulson & Associates – Orofacial Myologists and Wellness  

 Sandra is a past President of the International Association of Orofacial Myology, past Co-Chair of  “CHAPS” a holistic practitioner association in Denver, and is a member of other professional associations.   (303) 759-2760 – 2121 S Oneida St, Suite #521, Denver, Colorado 80224 

 Out of network with most insurance carriers. After each visit you will be given a super bill with  corresponding codes selected by your therapist for your treatment plan which can be submitted by you to  your insurance carrier in order to request reimbursement. $250 for initial consult and must be done in  person. Subsequent appts are virtual and are $90 for 8-10, 30 min appts. 

Smile & Airway Health Through Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy – Kimmie Herrara   Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) is an arena that Kimmie is extremely passionate about. She has  seen many people benefit from better sleep, breathing and function of the mouth, tongue and airway. From  family members and friends to strangers, Kimmie treats everyone with the same goal in mind: to help them  live a longer and healthier life.  

 720-339-8671 – 5268 Snow Goose Street, Brighton, CO 80601  

 Evaluation is $170 then $95 per 30 min session. Requires about 4 sessions before tongue tie releases with  an expected total of 8-12 sessions. 

Advanced Myofunctional Therapy – Megan DeWalt, RDH, OMT  

 Megan pursued her career as a Myofunctional Therapist through the Myo Mastery Program with  Integrative Myofunctional Therapy. She cares about her patients greatly, takes pride in the therapy  and treatment she provides and is a very airway focused provider.  

 312-498-9389 – Denver, CO – Online only via Zoom  

 Myofunctional Therapy is not yet a covered service under insurance plans. The Free 30-Minute  Assessment is meant to answer general questions regarding Myofunctional Therapy. The  Comprehensive Exam fee is $85. Pricing can range from $700-$2800 dependent upon your needs.  Generally, therapy plans are between 7-15 sessions. Comprehensive Therapy is typically 20-24  sessions. The frequency of your sessions is dependent upon skills and progress assessments evaluated  at each visit. Payment plans are available. 

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